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Seven days of no reason to return

The customer purchases the ORCHID DANCE commodity 7 days ( including 7 days, from the day after the customer signs for the commodity ), and on the premise that the goods are in good condition, there is no reason to return the goods. ( except for some commodities, see the commodity rules for details )

After - sale

If the product quality problems, ORCHID DANCE will offer you a satisfactory discount for bulk order.

Will send new replacements for small orders and sample orders for the faulty ones.

Pole - after service

The purchase of ORCHID DANCE goods shall be submitted for the return or replacement within 15 days from the date of signing for the receipt, and the ORCHID DANCE will complete the customer's after-sale service within 48 hours from the time of submission of the application.Warm tip: this service only for some area designated goods, specific to submit the return goods and exchange service documents when the successful page logo is accurate.

After sale 100 points

1. this service is only for the failure within 15 days of purchase of goods, calculated from the second day of the commodity received by the customer;

2. to confirm that the commodity belongs to the product quality problem at the beginning of time, and the product quality problem shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations, such as the state guaran